About Me

Hello and welcome! I'm Brittany Orie, 26 years old and am a full-time university student who enjoys reading, writing, music, traveling, dancing, and learning (nerd, here!). I have many passions, but my main ones are spiritual teaching and helping others and seeing lives change for the better. I am a proud young woman of God, saved at 13, who loves to teach and empower young women to be everything that God created them to be. That is the vision that God has given me behind this site. This blog offers encouragement, wisdom, Christian lifestyle, teaching of scripture (sola scriptura) and how to apply it to our lives, and it features women of the Bible--how we can learn from them, be influenced by them, and see how God has moved His mighty hand in their lives. It also highlights my personal walk with Jesus. I am super excited to allow God to use me to share my gift of writing and teaching to empower and touch many young women all around!

Coming soon on this blog: 

  • Wake Up Ladies: Biblical Women Blog Series. This series will teach about women in the Bible (both the good and the bad), explore God's grace and character through their stories, and any lessons that we can take from these passages and apply to real life. I believe that learning to be a true woman of God includes observing and understanding the women in His word. That is why I want to do this series. Each post in this series will be posted bi-weekly every Wednesday moring at 9am EST, hence the title, Wake Up Ladies :) Coming in April!
  • Christian book reviews (Christian fiction, inspirational self-help, etc). I love to read! I especially love to read books that move me deeply and change my life for the better. Thus, I am a huge fan of Christian books whether fiction or non-fiction. So I will be doing book reviews on the books that have touched and changed my walk with Christ for the better. Here is a special treat: not only will I be sharing some of my favorite inspirational books, but I am giving you a chance to share as well! So if you are a big fan of Christian books or if you know someone who is, then your review will most definitely be featured on my blog! I am taking submissions now! If you have read a Christian book that has made an impact on your life and would like to share your reviews, thoughts, and how that read has impacted your life, then email me (see my contacts page) with just that: Title and Author of the book, a very brief synopsis (don't spoil the ending!), how it has impacted your life, why you feel other women of God should read it, and anything else you would like to include. Coming in May!
  •  She Speaks... another blog series featuring real young women of God sharing their testimonies, poetry, spoken word, short stories, music, song, dance, anything, posted here on the blog (remember, it's to glorify God through our gifts)! If you have any ideas on what "She Speaks..." should involve in addition to what is listed above, please see my contacts page and tell me your ideas! I would love to hear from you! Launch Date: TBA