Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wake Up Ladies: Dorcas, the Generous Disciple

Scripture Passage: Acts 9:36-42

"Dorcas" = gazelle, a small, graceful, and swift antelope with glowing eyes.

Many individuals turn out to live up to the meaning of their names and Dorcas from the book of Acts is no exception. Dorcas (or "Tabitha," as it is in Hebrew) was a dedicated disciple of God who was very generous, charitable, and faithful with her work. She seemed to be quite graceful, much like a gazelle. Very selfless with a huge heart for God and others, she, being highly gifted with her hands, made tunics and clothing to provide for those who desperately needed it. Dorcas was a very modest and simple woman of God who allowed His goodness to flow from His heart through her hands (I love how many endless, unique ways God uses His people!). She was not afraid to use her God-given abilities to bless others--especially those in need--and, therefore, give back to the Lord (Matt. 25:40).

Also important to note: God's glory is revealed in Dorcas' story. I'm not talking about what God did through her talent, but what happened after Dorcas died. The news reached Peter and he went and found her body in the upper chamber. When Peter saw Dorcas' body, he knelt down and prayed for her to wake up. What happens next is incredible. God puts life back into Dorcas' body and she wakes right up! When the tidings of this miraculous moment spread throughout Joppa (the town in which they lived), the people were amazed and became believers of God. Just witnessing miracles (unexplained occurences) will convince an unbeliever that there is a God. One thing this passage tells me is that the glory of God can be seen in anybody's life and His incredible glory is enough to birth believers all around.

What Can We Learn From Dorcas? 

  • Being a disciple, she was a true follower and worshipper of God
  • Humble (crafting clothing for others with the work of one's hands is a humble task)
  • Served God with her talents; she put her heart in everything she did (Col. 3:23)
  • Selfless 
  • Grounded (never forgot where she came from and why God put her on the earth)