Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wake Up Ladies: Anna, The Prophetess

Hello everyone and welcome to my newest blog series, Wake Up Ladies: A Biblical Women Blog Series. Because my blog is all about teaching women of God and empowering and encouraging them with devotions, teachings, and personal stories, God has told me to focus more on the women in the Bible in a way that we, as women of God, can learn from and be influenced by them. The mission of this series is to teach about the women in the Bible and encourage today's women of God to live in such a way. I believe one of the most important things in learning to be a true woman of God is learning from the best (and yes, even the worst) women in the Bible. I will be posting a new episode bi-weekly on Wednesday mornings. I'm so excited about this and I pray that you will be blessed, encouraged, and positively influenced by the studies of these women!

Here is my first official episode of the series: "Prophetess Anna."

Main Passage: Luke 2:22-38 (v. 36-38, especially)

'Anna' means: favor, grace

Anna, a strong and faithful woman of God, was a prophetess who was believed to have known the Messiah had arrived right when Simeon presented Him in the temple (v. 27-32). She often talked about Jesus and His coming to those who looked for Salvation in Jerusalem.

Photo Credit: www.ishshahsstory.com

84 years of age and widowed after 7 years of marriage, Anna was an extraordinary woman of God who led by example. She was heavily connected to and committed to her service in church and the church itself. She was so devoted to God, was a woman through whom God spoke, and served Him through prayer and fasting day and night.

That eventful moment when baby Jesus was presented in the temple, Anna gave thanks to God right then, at that moment, because she knew that the Son of God had come. She knew who he was. Because of this, she wanted to tell others about Jesus (witnessing) and His saving power.

Anna was a very selfless woman who valued God and others above herself. She served God with all her heart and served others with love and faithfulness.

What Can We Learn From Anna?

  • Committment and dedication to God, especially, and her service to others
  • Her love for the church and faithfulness to her work (v. 37, "she never departed from the church")
  • Serves God with prayer day and night and with fasting
  • Was not afraid to speak to others about Christ; she warned them of His coming. She wanted lost souls to know Him before His glorious return
  • She thought about others and put God and others before herself
Although every woman of God may not be a prophetess, we can still emulate Anna by her strength as a woman, a teacher, by her faithfulness to God, the church, and others, especially lost souls.