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15 Ways to Saturate Your Daily Life with Prayer

15 Ways to Saturate Your Daily Life with Prayer

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“Pray without ceasing…” ~1 Thessalonians 5:17 

Greetings! This past weekend, God has told me to publish a post about how to get more prayer into our lives. So as I’m sitting under a hooded dryer deep conditioning my hair, I was led by the Holy Spirit to go on and draft out these prayer tips. I grabbed my composition journal and a pen and said a prayer for the Lord to give me prayer helpers to write down and share. Immediately, God took my pen and began writing for me.

Prayer is a strong necessity for a healthy relationship with God. Prayer is communicating with our Creator, the Lover of our souls, our Savior. Think if it, rather, as seed and a flower. If that flower has no seed, how is it expected to grow and flourish? In the same way, how do we expect our relationship with God to grow and blossom without prayer? What is a relationship without communication? Below, I have listed 16 ways to increase and strengthen your prayer life. I pray that you will find these helpful!

1.     Pray in the morning. This is the perfect time to thank God for giving you a new day. This is the perfect time to lift Him up and glorify Him for who He is and for giving you breath and another chance at life. Pray and ask God for His presence and guidance throughout your day. Pray for wisdom, strength, and courage to face any challenges that day brings. Ask God to help you live that day in a way that is pleasing to Him. Ask Him to use you for His glory to touch someone’s life and to help someone in need (part of my morning prayer!). Ask Him for daily bread. Anything you have to say to the Lord, say it. He wants to hear from you in the morning! I personally love to talk with God before I speak with anyone else in the morning. He comes first!
2.     Ask God to help you plan your day. This is a golden tip snatched from a devotional by Proverbs 31 Ministries. If you’re the type of person who likes to make “to do” lists—very much like me—this is a great time to send up a prayer. As you are planning out your day (or your week), ask God what goals He has for you. You can just ask, “Lord, what are your plans for me today? What do you want for me to accomplish?”  He will reveal His plans to you. Just this past Sunday, I was composing my “to do” list for this week. Right before I even wrote anything down, I prayed and asked God what goals He had for me this week. Moments later after clearing my mind, I began writing down tasks! After your list is done, it helps to ask God to help you accomplish those tasks. Ask Him for the strength and the time to complete them.
3.     Use your smart phone. Being that we live in such a technological advanced society, this tips—in my opinion—is one of the smartest (no pun intended for ‘smart’ phone). I know how accustomed we have grown to having our eyes and our hands glued to our mobile devices; why not take advantage of their convenience? I was advised by a close friend of mine to set daily prayer reminders on my iPhone. I thought that was a grand idea. Right now I have four reminders telling me to pray for others, be thankful, and to repent. They always remind me to pray when I get too distracted. Prayer apps also work wonderfully! Especially if you prefer to write your prayers. Try Prayer Notes, Echo Prayer, Prayer Prompter, just to name a few. They also allow you to set prayer reminders. I believe that this tip is ideal for those with busy or fast-paced lifestyles. I hear people say all the time that they are too busy to pray. If you are one of those people, I am here to tell you that there is no such thing. Our prayers don’t always have to be as long as, say, Psalm 119! In fact, God is pleased even with the shortest prayers (as long as they are heartfelt)!
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4.     Try to pray when you complain. This is very difficult to do—I have a tough time with it myself—but it is not impossible. There is good in every situation; we just need to ask God to see certain things the way He would want us to. For instance if we complain about having to wake up early every day for work or for class, we could choose to moan about it or we could turn it around and be thankful that we have a job or have an opportunity to learn and better ourselves. So whenever you catch yourself complaining, try and ask God for forgiveness and ask Him to reveal the blessing in the situation.
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5.     Pray while reading the Bible. I do this every day. At times the Bible can be difficult to understand (especially for beginners). Before diving into God’s word, thank Him for this time with Him. Invite Him to be a part of your study time and pray for wisdom and understanding. Ask Him for Godly insight and to help you meditate on His word.
6.     Pray whenever you are alone or have a minute to yourself. Driving alone? In a waiting room? In a shopping line? Take those moments to pray. Pray about anything. These are great moments to thank God for being alive and getting you through your day. Whatever is on your heart at these moments, share it with Him.
7.     Pray for others. This is one of the greatest expressions of love as a child of God. Pray for those far and near. Pray for loved ones and strangers. Pray for any victims you’ve seen on the news. Pray for your coworkers and boss. Pray for your teachers. Pray for the sick and homeless. Pray for those who don’t know God. (1 Timothy 2:1-4)
8.     Pray whenever you have difficult decisions. God is our source of wisdom. Whenever we face even the smallest decisions, we should come to Him. No decision is too big or too small for God to handle. Ask Him to lead you to the right choice that will keep you on His righteous path. (Proverbs 3:5-6)
9.     Pray when you are happy. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude! One big mistake that people make, many Christians even, is talking to God only during times of trouble or sorrow. God is to be communicated with and exalted at all times. Of course, there is nothing wrong with praying during times of distress, but that should not be the only time when you pray. Pray when things are going well! In the morning when you get dressed and cook breakfast, thank Him for providing you with clothes to wear and food to eat. Thank Him for the little things. Pray for God to keep showing Himself to you and in the lives of those around you. Say, “thank you Lord” when you are having a good day (and on a bad one too!). Praise Him for His goodness, His faithfulness, His love and His favor.
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10.                        Find a good time to write to God. If you are a morning person, or an evening person, or whatever kind of person you are, use that perfect time to sit down in a private place and write letters to God. This is one of my favorite methods whenever I cannot bring myself to say my prayers—sometimes writing is just easier for me. Writing helps get thoughts together, so keeping a prayer journal (either digital or physical) is a beautiful idea. You can record prayers and how God has responded to your prayers. Having a prayer journal also helps to keep track of answered prayers and is good for when you want to look back on prayers and see how God has intervened!
11.                        Pray when you are afraid or doubting. The antidote to worry is prayer! Lord knows I can be a worry wart and thankfully during those times of fretting, He has taught me to turn to Him at the first sight of worry. Please don’t make prayer your last resort, but your first response. Personally, I experience a sense of peace and hope over my spirit when I give my worries and fears to God. Thankfully, I don’t find myself worrying too much these days. Glory to God!!
12.                        Wake up early; arrive to work or to class early. Before anyone else wakes up or arrives to work or to class, make time for God. He is worth it! But make sure you are well rested because the Lord would really want for you to care for the body that He has given you. I recently started waking up as early as 8am to have time with God by means of prayer, worship, Bible study and a podcast sermon (that is, if it’s Sunday and we could not make it to church) and coffee (I gotta have my coffee!). It’s the perfect way to begin your day.
13.                        Be more dependent on God.  What inspired this one was the story of “The Fall” (Genesis 3) spoken about in the YouVersion reading plan, Christianity is Not What You Think. In short, the reason why God placed the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden and forbade Adam and Eve from eating of it was because God wanted intimacy. He wanted them to completely rely on God for knowledge, wisdom, and decision making. He never wanted man to have such lofty wisdom because if they did, they wouldn’t need God. That’s what God desires today. He wants us to be intimate with Him and come to Him first for guidance and comfort before we go to anyone else. Dependency on God leads to much prayer. For example, I prayed before writing this blog post, during writing, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to pray even after I publish it! Communication with God is golden. There is no such thing as too much prayer!! (John 15:5)
14.                        Repent. Repent whenever you feel convicted. Repent after you know you’ve committed a sin. I personally repent up to five times a day! Serisously! I love being clean in God’s eyes and He knows I’m a neat freak! It is best to repent every night before bed. Sometimes I repent when I wake up. (1 John 1:9)
15.                        Pray before bed. Praise God for getting you through another day. Thank Him for the challenges He has helped you overcome. Again—and I cannot stress this enough—repent of your sins; ask for forgiveness. Give Him any burdens that your day has brought. Ask Him for a well-rested night and to reveal Himself in your dreams. Ask for His protection while you and your loved ones sleep.
Well, there you have it! Below I have listed some references and resources that could definitely aid your prayer life.

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