Monday, August 3, 2015

"I Have Chosen You"

This is something that God spoke to my spirit very recently when some people had second thoughts about me following the calling that God has for my life. 

He said:

"If you live your life the way man expects you, you will never win in life. However if you live your life the way that I, your Lord and Savior, desires you to live, I will bless you abundantly, give you prosperity and longevity. I will grant you the fruits of the spirit: joy, love , peace, goodness, and long suffering.

"You are my child and I love you deeply, more than your parents, siblings, children, and friends combined! I have given you a purpose in your life. This purpose will glorify Me and build the Kingdom.

"Know that I have blessed you, my beloved child, with the gifts and the absolutes to carry out this good

work for my Kingdom and for the saving of many souls who need to know Me. 

"Also, my child, know that there will be many people who will doubt your calling. The enemy will use the closest people to you—family, friends—to bring you down. I tell you, do not listen to them. Those doubts are lies from the enemy. Satan knows that you are a child of The Most High; he is AFRAID of you!! He is afraid of the power you have because of Me! He is cowering in fear because he does not want you to fulfill the calling that I have for your life. So he lurks around, looking for people he can use; people who he can speak his lies through to try to affect you. 

"Lean on me, my precious child, and seek my reassurance, my Presence. Be reminded that I, your loving God, BELIEVES in you even if the entire world does not. Do you not know that I can use even the most flawed person for the biggest task? That is a reflection of My power! Do you think that I can't use you? I chose you because I see the many things in you that gives you every reason to succeed in your calling!!

"What the world thinks of you is nothing compared to what I know about you, My beloved. When I look at you, I don't see what the world sees. No. When I look at you, I see the person I created you to be. I see you perfect and without fault. I see you confident and strong. I see you prosperous and successful. I see you victorious. I see you as am overcomer. I see you as the light of the world. 

"Most of all when I look at you, what do I see? I see… a reflection of Me."

Let's make a decision. Are we going to feed into the worldy lies of the enemy? Or will we agree and internalize the comforting affirmations of our God? The only person who can get in the way of the calling that God has for our lives is ourselves. We must believe in the gifts that He has given us. If God calls us, He must have confidence is us knowing that we have the ability to overcome all obstacles and live out loud for Christ

Quiet Confidence

 God spoke to me yesterday. 

Being quiet is connected to many greatness. But why is quietness constantly compared to being mousy, being evil, or being "dumb" or simple? Why is a quiet person looked down upon as something that's small?

I've always felt a little different, been misinterpreted and underestimated because of my unique quietness. It was very hurtful and for a long time, I thought that maybe something was wrong with me.

Until God told me different. 

He tells me so many beautiful things about how my quietness is, in fact, a gift. But the most recent thing He told me just blew my mind.

He said

"Look at the butterfly, which never makes a sound. It spreads its wings and shows its beauty to all creation. It flies high and blessed the the sights and the spirits of those who see it. They are quiet, gentle, and beautiful, just like you, My precious child. You, though quiet and gentle and beautiful like a butterfly, can open up your wings and fly around, spreading your beauty everywhere. 

"Look also at the sun. The sun makes no noise, yet it shines brighter than everything in the universe. It brings light to the world, it IS the light of the world, it gives life and energy, it light the path for others to see what is in front of them and what is around them, it warms up all it touches.

"Know that I, your Lord, am the Light, and the Light is in you!

"Beloved, what I'm saying is that you can be quiet and still be remarkable. You don't always need words to bless others because actions speak so much louder. You can still shine and invigorate like the sun and you most certainly can fly like a gentle butterfly and bless the world with your beauty that I have given you. Know that your quiet and gentle spirit is a blessing from me; it is simply precious in my sight. 

"I love you with an everlasting love."

~From God to You