Friday, May 29, 2015


God speaks to His children in ways that we as unique individuals can understand. He Knows that I'm a nature lover and one of His many magnificent ways of speaking to me is through nature. God  shows Himself to me on a random cloudy day with the sun rays beaming through the clouds, with the relaxing sound of pouring rain putting me at ease whenever I'm anxious, and with waking up to the beautiful blue morning sky and the songs of joyful birds greeting me lovingly with a new day.

Well, something beautiful happened one day not too long ago and of course it was from the Good Lord. 

It was when I was still living on campus and attending classes. I remember having frustrations that day dealing with school work, my mom's job situations, and--believe it or not--not being in the mood for going out in public and putting up with crowds. Later on that evening while I was out and about, I had gotten so frustrated that I had to find a quiet place (it ended up being a student lounge) to shed a few good tears. I just needed to let it out, my emotions.

I remembered that I was to meet with my accountability group from my Pinky Promise Bible study club, so I went uptairs to the room. I had stopped crying and soon after, it started to rain. 

The rain got heavier.

Still feeling just a little somber I go on my smartphone, open my Instapray app and post a prayer request saying, "prayers for me please..." Within minutes, my heart, my spirit feels lighter. 

Someone was praying for me, I know it. Perhaps God read my heartfelt tears as prayers and saw that I used my faith in asking for prayers.

I gathered with my sisters in Christ and we share with one another whatever is going on in our lives at the moment, good or bad, and also share anything that we need prayer about. We also laugh, show Christlike love, and just have a good time in each other's presence.

The rain got lighter. I could see it out the window sitting across from me. Pretty soon a bright, full beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky! It was just gorgeous! I saw nothing but God. It stayed for ten minutes.

In retrospect, seeing that miracle reminds me that after a little rain, or a storm, there is a rainbow. A rainbow which signifies joy, peace, victory, strength (for withstanding the storm), and deliverance. I repeat, deliverance.

It was God's way of telling me that everything is going to be OK. Every little thing. No need to worry, our God, our loving God, is always with us, carrying us through it all.

After every storm, every rainfall, there is a rainbow. A beautiful reminder that God also tells His children: that he will never leave nor forsake us.

Needless to say, I felt much better after seeing His loving reminder.