Friday, July 18, 2014

God Collects Our Tears

God is with you through it all, collecting our tears and keeping track of them. He understands our hearts, our emotions, and pain. It is in testing times like this—no matter how large or small—when He is nearest to us (God is near the brokenhearted Ps. 34:18). 

It is in times like this when His glory is revealed and when He is working in us and around us. Once we put our belief in Him and draw Him near, we see blessings unfold right before our eyes! 

So no matter how difficult it may be, true worship happens when we serve God in the most difficult  trying times. This puts a BIG smile on His face and He reward us with JOY. Again, God collects our tears. He sees each tear that falls down our cheek. So please don't think you're alone :) our tears are really prayers!!